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I am a full stack web developer building both static and dynamic websites that runs on both browser and webview.


I build android applications with beautiful User Interface that runs on different android devices and flavors.


These includes applications that runs on both computer desktop and laptops on platforms like Windows and Linux OS.

Who is Aim Mikel?

My name is Aim Mikel, officially known as Michael Aloo. I am a full stack developer in both web and android. I also do Desktop applications. I like creating web games using Vanilla Javascript that runs on html5 canvas. I started programming in 2017 hence I have a lot of experience. Web and Android development is my major focus.

My Top Languages

My Top Projects

Aimikel Website

My personal website that you are currently browsing.

Category: Web

Rock Paper Scissor

A simple web based ancient game.

Category: Web

Donkey Kong

Category: Web

Aim Bible

An android application containing six versions of the Christian Bible

Category: Android

Aim Media Player

Category: Web Utils

Aim Tetris

Category: Web Games